Required Paperwork

Emergency Medical and Tryout Form

When registering for any BSA program or tryout, parents or guardians must fill out the Emergency Medical and Tryout Form. This form consists of player information, emergency contact info, medical notes, etc. The release, waiver of liability, and consent/decline for emergency care must also be signed.

COVID-19 Assumption of Risk

While the City of Brecksville implements procedures to prevent spread of COVID-19, there is a risk of infection when participating in activities. This required waiver acknowledges the risks.


Please be advised that a player who has been suspected of a concussion may not return to play until they are provided a written clearance that it is safe for the individual to return to practice or competition from a from a licensed physician or a licensed healthcare provider. The Ohio Department of Health Concussion Information Sheet provides extensive information on what a concussion is, the signs/symptoms of a concussion, and how to handle a concussion scenario.

Lindsay's Law

Lindsay's Law, pertaining to Sudden Cardiac Arrest in youth athletes, went into effect on August 1, 2017. The State of Ohio requires all youth athletes, parents/guardians, and coaches to complete these requirements prior to participating in any sports activity annually:

Finally, you must sign a document (collected by your team manager) stating you viewed the video and received the summary.

Color Player Photo / Birth Certificate Copy

Once a player joins a team, BSA requires a color photo of the player. This photo is used to create a player card that must be presented to the referee by your team manager prior to any match.

A copy of the player’s birth certificate is also required to prove to the league that the player is in an appropriate team age bracket.

Fee Structure Details

A new fee structure for the Fall 2018 through Spring 2019 Season was approved at the April 2018 Board Meeting. Please read the following document that explains all fees, discounts & payment methods.