Game/Practice Cancellations

Games can only be canceled at the field by the referee.

Therefore, unless otherwise notified by the coach or the team manager, please arrive to all games as scheduled.

Practice Cancelation Notifications

The following mechanisms can be used to determine if a practice is canceled for inclement weather:

  • BSA E-mail Message - The BSA Club Administrator will send an e-mail notifying you of practice cancelation or changes in the practice schedule.

  • Brecksville Rain-Out Number - Call 440-526-8772 after 4pm daily. Since this number is used for other sports as well, make sure the message specifically refers to soccer for the current day.

  • RainedOut - A text or e-mail message will be sent from RainedOut. See the instructions on this page for how to sign up. Standard text messaging fees apply.

  • TeamSnap - Notifications will be sent through the TeamSnap app. You will be added on to your players's TeamSnap page after roster spots have been accepted.

Inclement Weather During Practices

When inclement weather approaches while players are on the field during a practice, the coaches in charge of the practice will take players into Blossom School.

Parents must come in to the school to pick up their player(s). Players will not be released to run out to a vehicle without a parent.

BSA uses RainedOut to inform you about cancelled practices, changed plans, new directions, and more. RainedOut will deliver our urgent messages to you as a text message or email.

To receive text messages or e-mail messages from RainedOut:

  • Visit the RainedOut web site

  • Find your organization - Type in “Bees Soccer Academy” and press the Search button

  • Select “Bees Soccer Academy” when it comes up as a Preferred Result

  • Enter your text number or e-mail address information

  • Follow the subsequent instructions on the web site to sign up