All outdoor BSA home games are played at the Blossom Hill fields:

Blossom Hill, 4400 Oakes Road, Brecksville, OH, 44141

There are four fields at the Blossom Hill Complex. The gated Turf Field, named “Tony Niccoli Field", lies in the middle of the one-way road loop. Just East of the road loop are the two Upper Grass Fields. Down the hill from those to the East is the Lower Grass Field.

Blossom Hill Complex Rules

  • One-Way Road - There is a one-way counter-clockwise road around the field areas. Do not drive against traffic.

  • Speed - Please keep your speed down in the Blossom complex as there are many children playing both on and around the fields. Safety of the children is our top priority.

  • Drop-Off and Pick-up - Do not use the cross-hatched area by the turf field for dropping off and picking up your child. It creates a safety hazard for other drivers as they can’t see around your car to watch for children crossing the street. Please park in a designated space.

  • Parking - Parking lots are available around the turf field and next to the upper grass fields.

  • Bathrooms - Bathrooms are available inside Blossom School and when warmer, in the concession stand building and near the top of the upper grass fields.

Turf Field Rules

  • Food/Drinks - No food or drink other than water is allowed on the turf field.

  • Spitting - No spitting on the turf.

  • Chairs - Portable chairs are only allowed on the grass along the perimeter of the turf.

  • Pets - Pets are not allowed inside the black fence around the turf, even when on a leash.

  • Smoking - No smoking on or around the turf or grass fields.

  • Usage - For organized play by permit only.