Indoor Soccer (Winter)

BSA strongly encourages the continued development of individual technical skills in every soccer player through an available indoor winter season, which has two optional sessions. The indoor winter season focuses on skills development through playing indoor soccer and/or participating in other training such as futsal.

Winter Sessions

It is suggested that all players take part in at least one winter session. The Winter I session typically begins in late October and runs through the first week of January. The Winter II session runs from mid-January through March. Locations for practices and games will be announced before sign-ups.

These options are generally available for each of the Winter training sessions:

  • Games & Practices - Games and one 60 minute team practice each week.

  • Footskills & Goal Keeper Training - One 60 minute session per week.


Winter sessions are done through sign-ups only. There are no formal tryouts. If you are interested in signing up for a winter session, or need more information, please reach out to Stacey Thacker (