About Us

The Bees Soccer Academy (BSA) is a community travel soccer club located in Brecksville, Ohio. BSA was formed under the Cuyahoga Valley Youth Organization (CVYO) and was founded by Coach Tony Niccoli in 2007.

BSA offers travel and premier teams for male and female players ages U9 through U15, along with an entry-level Academy program for young players.

Located off Oakes Road in Brecksville, OH, the club serves the youth of Brecksville and surrounding communities.

Come out and support our High School Players, many of whom came up through the ranks of BSA. See your own BSA coaches in action too, since many of them coach the BBH teams! The BBH Boys Bees Soccer and Lady Bees Soccer web sites contain each team’s schedules.


  • Our Mission - To maximize the athletic potential of each player.

  • Our Vision - To facilitate the growth of young kids in the areas of athletics, character, leadership and academics.

  • Our Core Values - Commitment, Passion, Discipline, Respect

  • Our Commitment - Our teams will always COMPETE. But performance, and not results, will be the yardstick to measure success.

  • Our Objective - To provide a player-centered comprehensive training program that will accelerate the development of all players and that will be based on the Best Practices that prescribe a curriculum with stated standards and objectives for each age-group.

  • Our Mantra - Practice does not make perfect, it only makes permanent. Only Perfect Practice makes Perfect.

High School Team Sites

Player Development Philosophy

  • We are committed to teaching players the skills and tactical insights necessary to play an indirect, possession-style of game.

  • The success of the player development process will be measured by quality of play rather than results.

  • Players will play and train in an environment that will encourage decision-making and creativity.

  • Decision-making by players on the field will require parents to quietly observe rather than "direct."

  • When choosing leagues, team rosters and tournaments, we will always place players is a competitive playing and training environment where there will be a balance between success and challenge.

  • Our training sessions will be tactically oriented, with players learning functional technique in the context of the game.

  • Our training emphasis will be on speed of play.

  • Our coaching hierarchy will be to teach team shape, roles and functional techniques in whatever formation the team is playing.

  • Players will learn the strengths and weaknesses of different formations and how to attack and how to defend out of each formation.

  • Coaches will concentrate in training on the phases of play.

  • Attacking - Building from the back; maintaining possession in the midfield; being adventurous and creative in the attacking third; counter-attacking when the game dictates.

  • Transition quickly from attacking to defending and from defending to attacking.

  • Defending - When to press; when to drop; when to choose a deep line of confrontation.


BSA - Bees Soccer Academy - was founded by Coach Tony Niccoli in 2007. The Blossom Soccer Field was dedicated to him by the City of Brecksville and Mayor Hruby August 2015 and named “Tony Niccoli Field”.

Coach Tony touched many lives through his 30 years of teaching History in the Brecksville-Broadview Heights School System and on the field through soccer. He was one of the first coaches to sit in his chair and coach from the sidelines. His philosophy was, “If I did my job right, I won’t be yelling.” Coach Tony inspired everyone, yes, everyone to do their best. Coach Tony suddenly passed away in January 2016.

The BSA directors and coaches have HUGE cleats to fill, and strive to continue in Coach Tony’s memory in educating your player on the field.